Media Love

Eldritch Musicks is a gripping musical extravaganza listeners will return to often for its catchy tracks and weird saturated atmosphere.”
Grim Reviews

“From its very cover, Eldritch Musicks imparts a kind of pagan mystery, full of foul beasts and peering eyes. And sinister epics such as “Dweller on the Threshold” don’t disappoint. Thick with delay, the track’s syrupy crawl will stone listeners; a bewitching flight that finishes under wailing guitar.”
Seven Days

“If you’re looking for the perfect music to listen to while reading eldritch authors (like HP Lovecraft), then your stars may have aligned just right.”
Lost Carcossa

Interview with The Contrarian at Innsmouth Free Press

Interview with The Contrarian at Lovecraft News Network

Fan love

“As a lover of vintage horror literature & film and fan of progressive rock, stumbling upon this beautifully realized combination of spectral imagery and new music is an unexpected surprise. My hat goes off to The Contrarian. You weren’t handed the torch….you somehow managed to find it in the darkness and set it ablaze.”

“If Pink Floyd had decided to write about Lovecraft, I imagine it would sound something like this.”

“Absolutely brilliant — & too utterly eldritch! It makes me itch to find some hidden reef & dive into ye depths unknown & unknowable! Ia!”