Free Track from Strange Angels!

Strange Angels is the recording project of composers/producers Arthur Leon Adams III and Casey Rae-Hunter. Their upcoming record runs the gamut from art-pop to Beatles bounce to psychedelica, with a little They Might Be Giants thrown in for good measure. Here’s a track called “Hotel Suite,” which is definitely more on the “psych epic” side of things:

Look for the full-length this fall!

SpeLL C▲s†††r = FREE!

TTTT Package Revealed!

We’re thrilled to announce the release of Anastam by The Ten Thousand Things, which will be available this spring in a few different packages. Here’s what our elves are scurrying to put together just for you:

Anastam I
1. Immediate download of the album in any file format you want, including high quality lossless
2. Limited edition litho album art suitable for hanging
3 High-quality art photos and zen poems inspired by Anastam (PDF)
4. Antique library card embossed with a unique magickal theorem
5. Liner notes
6. T-shirt

Anastam II
1. Immediate download of the album in any file format you want, including high quality lossless
2. Antique library card embossed with a unique magickal theorem
3. High-quality art photos and zen poems inspired by Anastam (PDF)
4. Liner notes

Anastam III
1. Immediate download of the album in any file format you want, including high quality lossless
2. High-quality art photos and zen poems inspired by Anastam (PDF)
3. Liner notes

These nifty packages will be available exclusively at the LUX ETERNA shop.

We’re also expanding our roster with a few amazing acts that we can’t tell you about right now. Stay tuned, true believers…

Cover Art for The Ten Thousand Things

Check out the cover art for The Ten Thousand Things’ upcoming release, Anastam. The design is by our dear old friend Jared Cole, lately of Amsterdam. Which kinda sounds like Anastam, now that we think of it.

We especially dig the fact that there are ten thousand elements that make up the face. Far out.

Look for Anastam on LUX ETERNA in April 2011.

Happy *re*me*di*a*tion Release Day!

Today is a big day here at LUX ETERNA headquarters. The new release from *re*me*di*a*tion is ready to ship.

You can buy the album right now at our Shop. Package includes lovely digipak CD + instant download with bonus tracks.

Free Track from re*me*di*a*tion!

In advance of tomorrow’s release of the new album from re*me*di*a*tion, we thought we’d go nuts and give away a free download of the song “Cataclysmic.”

The album is a giddy mix of post-rock, dub and prog styles, performed with precision abandon. We think you’ll love it.

Available Tuesday: re*me*di*a*tion + Extras!


Who says post-rock is dead? Or no fun?

re*me*di*a*tion is Mark G. Cooley, a musician and multimedia professor who crafts bracing and effervescent instrumentals that sound like Fred Frith, Robert Fripp and Brian Eno snorting crushed sunflowers.

Lively, layered and inventive, re*me*di*a*tion sidesteps the dour crescendos common to modern instrumental music with crisp and clever six-string collages, peppered with thrumming percussion and aural accoutrements.

Available in gorgeous digipak CD with artwork based on the work of German painter Otto Dix, re*me*di*a*tion is the perfect soundtrack to your trippy, blissed-out spring.

Cooley’s previous work has been commended for its deft recombination of John Fahey-esque guitars and electro-acoustic treatments. re*me*di*a*tion finds the composer rekindling a long-lost love for the electric guitar, delivering agile and evocative lines that dart between friskily hypnotic rhythms and immersive soundscapes. Frivolity meets focus; globalism meets generativity.

Physical release and extras available at in our Shop; digital version at all major online retailers.

More pics after the jump!

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New Video from re*me*di*a*tion

Check out the new video from re*me*di*a*tion, the one-man post-rock juggernaut arriving on LUX ETERNA on Tuesday, February 24.


Arcade Fire Inspires Cultural Meltdown

From our text-based wing, The Contrarian Media, comes this article called “Arcade Who? The Monoculture and Political Paranoia“:

Although it is amusing that anyone sees the Grammys as a bellwether of musical culture (or even record sales), the controversy underscores a broader trend in American life — namely, the emotionally unsettling effects of cultural fragmentation. And this phenomenon cannot be separated from contemporary politics.

The reason for this fragmentation is due to the saturation of information channels. No longer does commercial radio — or the Grammys, for that matter — shape the tastes of the masses. We’ve got a million outlets, and there’s an ass for every seat. This can be very discomfiting to the herd mentality.

Many Americans, still sucking on the Big Media teet, view this fracturing as suspicious, if not dangerous. It’s as if NPR and the Kenyan in the White House are conspiring to make culture something they just can’t comprehend. In actuality, Obama is more conservative than Nixon, and Arcade Fire closer to Bruce Springsteen than G.G. Allin (Google him.)

But that doesn’t matter. America’s heebie-jeebies are being played out on both the political and pop culture stages.

Maybe LUX ETERNA will emerge victorious from the Culture Wars and unite the surviving tribes…

Meet the LUX ETERNA Roster

2011 is gonna be a big year for LUX ETERNA. We’ve got a batch of releases on the calendar that run the gamut from lofty art-pop to instrumental post-rock to enveloping organic drone. And there will surely be some surprises along the way!

Our ’11 roster includes:

The Ten Thousand Things
SpeLL C▲s†††r
Strange Angels
The Contrarian

Much of the music from these acts — catalog and upcoming releases — can be listened to here.

Just today, we sent off the master disc for re*me*di*a*tion, which drops this month in physical and digital. Exciting!