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FREE “Best of Lux Eterna Records” Digital Download!

THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU! We are so thrilled that so many of you have chipped in to help us rebuild our recording studio following a devastating break-in last winter. As a special thank-you, we’re giving away a FREE 13-song … Continue reading

Help Lux Eterna Rebuild After Theft!

Hello! Casey Rae, proprietor, here. If you wondered why things have been kind of slow ’round these parts, well, let’s just say we took a few on the chin over the last couple of years, and are slowly putting the pieces back … Continue reading

Advanced Magick for Beginners

It’s finally here: the new full-length from The Contrarian, Advanced Magick for Beginners. The most personal Contrarian album to date, Advanced Magick boasts a broad musical palette and revealing lyrics. From the electric eden of ’60s Great Britain to American … Continue reading

Cover Art for The Ten Thousand Things

Check out the cover art for The Ten Thousand Things’ upcoming release, Anastam. The design is by our dear old friend Jared Cole, lately of Amsterdam. Which kinda sounds like Anastam, now that we think of it. We especially dig … Continue reading

Happy *re*me*di*a*tion Release Day!

Today is a big day here at LUX ETERNA headquarters. The new release from *re*me*di*a*tion is ready to ship. You can buy the album right now at our Shop. Package includes lovely digipak CD + instant download with bonus tracks.

Free Track from re*me*di*a*tion!

In advance of tomorrow’s release of the new album from re*me*di*a*tion, we thought we’d go nuts and give away a free download of the song “Cataclysmic.” The album is a giddy mix of post-rock, dub and prog styles, performed with … Continue reading

Available Tuesday: re*me*di*a*tion + Extras!

re*me*di*a*tion re*me*di*a*tion LUX ETERNA RECORDS, 2011 Who says post-rock is dead? Or no fun? re*me*di*a*tion is Mark G. Cooley, a musician and multimedia professor who crafts bracing and effervescent instrumentals that sound like Fred Frith, Robert Fripp and Brian Eno … Continue reading

Meet the LUX ETERNA Roster

2011 is gonna be a big year for LUX ETERNA. We’ve got a batch of releases on the calendar that run the gamut from lofty art-pop to instrumental post-rock to enveloping organic drone. And there will surely be some surprises … Continue reading

Welcome to Lux Eterna Records!

LUX ETERNA RECORDS is a Washington, DC-based art-rock and experimental label bequeathing artistry in sound. Check out the Music page to listen, and the Shop page to, well, you know… And be sure to follow us on Facebook, Twitter and … Continue reading