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Advanced Magick for Beginners

It’s finally here: the new full-length from The Contrarian, Advanced Magick for Beginners. The most personal Contrarian album to date, Advanced Magick boasts a broad musical palette and revealing lyrics. From the electric eden of ’60s Great Britain to American … Continue reading

The Contrarian: Margins EP = FREE!

The Contrarian is giving away the Margins EP exclusively on LUX ETERNA. Here’s what composer/producer Casey Rae-Hunter has to say about the release. I’m currently in that uncomfortable period between albums, but I’m still recording as often as possible. The … Continue reading

Rapture Special from Strange Angels!

HAPPY RAPTURE! LUX ETERNA RECORDS wanted to take this moment to celebrate your imminent ascendancy to His Kingdom. What’s that? Not getting Raptured? Well we’ve got the perfect consolation prize. Here’s a brand new track from Strange Angels just in … Continue reading

TTTT Package Revealed!

We’re thrilled to announce the release of Anastam by The Ten Thousand Things, which will be available this spring in a few different packages. Here’s what our elves are scurrying to put together just for you: Anastam I 1. Immediate … Continue reading

Happy *re*me*di*a*tion Release Day!

Today is a big day here at LUX ETERNA headquarters. The new release from *re*me*di*a*tion is ready to ship. You can buy the album right now at our Shop. Package includes lovely digipak CD + instant download with bonus tracks.

Free Track from re*me*di*a*tion!

In advance of tomorrow’s release of the new album from re*me*di*a*tion, we thought we’d go nuts and give away a free download of the song “Cataclysmic.” The album is a giddy mix of post-rock, dub and prog styles, performed with … Continue reading

Available Tuesday: re*me*di*a*tion + Extras!

re*me*di*a*tion re*me*di*a*tion LUX ETERNA RECORDS, 2011 Who says post-rock is dead? Or no fun? re*me*di*a*tion is Mark G. Cooley, a musician and multimedia professor who crafts bracing and effervescent instrumentals that sound like Fred Frith, Robert Fripp and Brian Eno … Continue reading