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FREE “Best of Lux Eterna Records” Digital Download!

THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU! We are so thrilled that so many of you have chipped in to help us rebuild our recording studio following a devastating break-in last winter. As a special thank-you, we’re giving away a FREE 13-song … Continue reading

Help Lux Eterna Rebuild After Theft!

Hello! Casey Rae, proprietor, here. If you wondered why things have been kind of slow ’round these parts, well, let’s just say we took a few on the chin over the last couple of years, and are slowly putting the pieces back … Continue reading

Advanced Magick for Beginners

It’s finally here: the new full-length from The Contrarian, Advanced Magick for Beginners. The most personal Contrarian album to date, Advanced Magick boasts a broad musical palette and revealing lyrics. From the electric eden of ’60s Great Britain to American … Continue reading

Happy Strange Angels Day!

Today is 9/11. Which sounds vaguely familiar… you know what else today is? The release of the new record by Strange Angels, the recording project of Arthur Leon Adams III and Casey Hades Rae. And What’s to Be Done with … Continue reading

A Teenage Symphony to Xenu

Over the past year, Arthur Leon Adams III and I have been working on a little project we like to call Strange Angels. And now, at long last, there’s a record. We conceived of And What’s to Be Done with … Continue reading

Invocation of My Demon Sister

We met Frater Parsons de Lautreamont in our travels. An erudite — dare we say recondite — gentleman known to certain fraternal circles, de Lautreamont advised us in matters esoteric, mentioning only in passing his musical exploits. From what we … Continue reading

Arjuna in Four Unique Packages!

Lux Eterna is delighted to release the new record from The Contrarian, Arjuna. Packed with drama and intrigue, Arjuna is an epic prog-rock meditation on conflict and victory. Grab it in four separate but equally thrilling editions! The first is … Continue reading

The Contrarian: Margins EP = FREE!

The Contrarian is giving away the Margins EP exclusively on LUX ETERNA. Here’s what composer/producer Casey Rae-Hunter has to say about the release. I’m currently in that uncomfortable period between albums, but I’m still recording as often as possible. The … Continue reading

Anastam is Here!

What is the sound of a thousand suns collapsing? The blossoming of desire and the splendor of decomposition? We think we have a pretty good idea. The Ten Thousand Things is an organic drone act of considerable potency. Lush, transfixing … Continue reading

Rapture Special from Strange Angels!

HAPPY RAPTURE! LUX ETERNA RECORDS wanted to take this moment to celebrate your imminent ascendancy to His Kingdom. What’s that? Not getting Raptured? Well we’ve got the perfect consolation prize. Here’s a brand new track from Strange Angels just in … Continue reading