Help Lux Eterna Rebuild After Theft!

Hello! Casey Rae, proprietor, here.

If you wondered why things have been kind of slow ’round these parts, well, let’s just say we took a few on the chin over the last couple of years, and are slowly putting the pieces back together. The good news is, things are looking better than ever, and we have big plans for the future!

You might not be aware that Lux Eterna suffered a major loss in the form of a studio break-in. Last winter, thieves struck just as we were getting ready to relocate the studio. They made off with pretty much what they could carry: several nice microphones, our main production computer and sundry.

It really took the wind out of our creative sails. It also meant that we had to cancel the slate of Lux Eterna releases that were on deck, which made us feel worse, because we were letting down other artists. Rebuilding also posed a major financial challenge, as the theft went down precisely when we were digging out of some other monetary holes (fairly shallow ones, but still).

After some real soul-searching, we decided to do the crowdfunding thing. We’ve given to others’ campaigns, but never created one until now. One reason is that we like knowing that people are supporting the art directly; that’s why we offer complete packages with the incentives already baked in the cake. But financially, we really can’t see any other way to get back in the game.

And that’s why we’re asking you to support our Indiegogo campaign to get Lux Eterna Records and Sounds of the Baskervilles studios back on their feet. It’s not even that much: we’re only looking for $5,000—mainly for a new computer, assorted software and a few cheap-to-decent mics.

There are all kinds of fun incentives and experiences to make it worth your while. We’ve been so honored enjoy all the support you’ve shown us over the years. Now we’re asking you to chip in this once to help us keep going. Any little bit counts! 20 bucks, 200 bucks… whatever.

As Ozzy used to say in a haze of cocaine and booze (and still does, actually), WE LOVE YOU ALL!!!

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