Advanced Magick for Beginners

It’s finally here: the new full-length from The Contrarian, Advanced Magick for Beginners. The most personal Contrarian album to date, Advanced Magick boasts a broad musical palette and revealing lyrics. From the electric eden of ’60s Great Britain to American stoner sludge, this aural headtrip proves once again that The Contrarian is your overlord.

The record is available in three “Pay What Thou Wilt” packages, starting with an absolutely FREE 11-track digital download. But you might want the Advanced Magick III bundle, which comes with a rare, before-the-camera appearance by The Contrarian speaking candidly about what it took to make this record a reality. Trust us, this is as emo as the dude gets.

As always, you can listen to the album in full on our Music page; snag your downloads in the Shop.

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