A Teenage Symphony to Xenu

Over the past year, Arthur Leon Adams III and I have been working on a little project we like to call Strange Angels. And now, at long last, there’s a record. We conceived of And What’s to Be Done with All of These Strange Angels as a paean to bootstrapping California — those heady days of scientific and mystical exploration where the dream of Utopia met outright charlatanism, and where the elevation of body and spirit came crashing down in the relentless commodification of Eden.

Or, as the always clever Arthur describes it, “A Teenage Symphony to Xenu.”

No record can possibly contain all of these themes, but we had fun trying. Strange Angels is officially released in August, but today we’re thrilled to show you the album art, which Arthur put together himself. That means it’s time for a contest!

Whoever can accurately name the most characters/items depicted on the cover wins something really fucking awesome (you’ll just have to trust us there.) You can leave your guesses in the comments or email casey.contrarianATgmail.com. Good luck, pets.

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