Invocation of My Demon Sister

We met Frater Parsons de Lautreamont in our travels. An erudite — dare we say recondite — gentleman known to certain fraternal circles, de Lautreamont advised us in matters esoteric, mentioning only in passing his musical exploits. From what we can gather, the Frater rarely indulges in commercial exploitation of sound, preferring instead to harness his expression for ritual purposes.

Lucky for us, then, that he consented to offer this aural talisman, which we have taken the liberty of calling Invocation of My Demon Sister, partially in honor of the infamous Kenneth Anger short (with a clear gender differential).

The work is what some might call “dark ambient,” but we think there’s some light within the Stygian. At moments, Invocation of My Demon Sister even resembles Brian Eno and Robert Fripp’s Evening Star.

Because of its strange provenance, we are offering Invocation of My Demon Sister to you, free of charge for a limited time.

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