The Contrarian: Margins EP = FREE!

The Contrarian is giving away the Margins EP exclusively on LUX ETERNA. Here’s what composer/producer Casey Rae-Hunter has to say about the release.

I’m currently in that uncomfortable period between albums, but I’m still recording as often as possible. The four songs on the Margins EP are, to some degree, a continuation of Farewell Plutonia. Which is why I’m not considering them for the next record. But rather than abandon them, I figured I’d release them to the world just to clear the slate. Hopefully, these tracks will tide people over until the next record makes its presence known.

Download the Margins EP below. (Existing LUX ETERNA customers may have to provide their e-mail again.)

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One Response to The Contrarian: Margins EP = FREE!

  1. Javier says:

    thanks for the EP, I’m keen to check it out! Javier

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