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Free Track from re*me*di*a*tion!

In advance of tomorrow’s release of the new album from re*me*di*a*tion, we thought we’d go nuts and give away a free download of the song “Cataclysmic.” The album is a giddy mix of post-rock, dub and prog styles, performed with … Continue reading

Available Tuesday: re*me*di*a*tion + Extras!

re*me*di*a*tion re*me*di*a*tion LUX ETERNA RECORDS, 2011 Who says post-rock is dead? Or no fun? re*me*di*a*tion is Mark G. Cooley, a musician and multimedia professor who crafts bracing and effervescent instrumentals that sound like Fred Frith, Robert Fripp and Brian Eno … Continue reading

New Video from re*me*di*a*tion

Check out the new video from re*me*di*a*tion, the one-man post-rock juggernaut arriving on LUX ETERNA on Tuesday, February 24. “Cataclysmic”:

Arcade Fire Inspires Cultural Meltdown

From our text-based wing, The Contrarian Media, comes this article called “Arcade Who? The Monoculture and Political Paranoia“: Although it is amusing that anyone sees the Grammys as a bellwether of musical culture (or even record sales), the controversy underscores … Continue reading

Meet the LUX ETERNA Roster

2011 is gonna be a big year for LUX ETERNA. We’ve got a batch of releases on the calendar that run the gamut from lofty art-pop to instrumental post-rock to enveloping organic drone. And there will surely be some surprises … Continue reading